Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Determine why antidepressants do not work and find the best treatment for depression

Antidepressant Response annulate your immune system. They give you benefits for a period of time, without solving their problems, and not allowing your conscience to fight against the invasion of nonsense that comes from your anti-conscience. Anti-conscience is your wild and primitive conscience, which is still active within you and gives rise to mental illness in your human conscience.
If you take antidepressants, rather than following the therapy, you simply suppress feelings of depression, without eliminating the causes of your depression. Even if you feel that your depression is caused by life situations that you can not control, the truth is that you can change your life and stop being in a difficult position. You can also change your personal philosophy of life and learn how to deal with problematic situations without feeling despair.
Dream therapy in accordance with the scientific method of dream interpretation is the best natural treatment for depression can be found, moreover, that it is safe. When you are taking antidepressants, you're in great danger. Antidepressants can cause you a lot of psychological problems, instead of helping you cope with depression. On the other hand, when you follow the psychotherapy ignorant human beings your depression may increase because of an ignorant person can not see the contents of your brain, and they ignore many things about you and your life.
Unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the only doctor you can trust completely, because it is God's thoughts. Unconscious wisdom proves the existence of God. This means that you can really trust treating you follow when you obey the guidance of your doctor's unconscious dream messages.
The subconscious mind knows everything about you and your life. Thus, the guide you get specific, and certainly suitable for your event.
If you do not have the conditions for learning the language a dream, because you are too sad, and you urgently need support, I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy. Many people prefer this option because they are not familiar with the unconscious in dreams of psychotherapy. When they see how it works, they usually decide to study the dynamic method of instant translation dream (derived from Jung's method of dream interpretation).
Dream therapy works for all cases.
If you have a sad childhood and adolescence, and you certainly have to be depressed at some point in your life. You must remove the wounds of the past and your misconceptions to address depression feeling they bring to your mind.
Suffering from the past interfere with your evolution. Do you have a lot of self-defense response that you have to adopt after various injuries. Your anti-conscience uses the traumatic experiences of his life in order to send you the absurd fears, and to block the development of his intelligence, creating an anomalous behavior.
Your anti-conscience, corrupts memory and nervous system, causing a lot of distortion. Thus, you have no chance to understand what is happening to you and react. Only a detailed analysis of your life through a biography and correction of mistakes that you make for being under the influence of your anti-conscience, your conscience can no longer be blocked.
Without proper treatment, you will feel worse, and you can even become a neurotic. That's why you should be very careful when you are feeling down.
There are numerous false treatment that are very dangerous for your mental and physical health. You must be reasonable and seek genuine psychotherapy unconscious in their dreams.
You may be suffering from depression in your adult life, even if you had a normal childhood and adolescence, because you are too introverted. Those who belong to the introverted psychological types, as a rule, acquire a mental illness because they are closer to the absurd content of their psyche. They tend to ignore the real characteristics of the external reality, and only pay attention to their personal experiences and ideas.
This does not mean that those who belong to the extrovert psychological types are not vulnerable to depression. Extrovert personality types to suppress their psychological problems, finding relief from material pleasures. That's why they do not get depressed as often as introverted personality types. However, since they do not solve their problems, they become victims of their anti-conscience at some point. They feel terribly depressed, not knowing why.
Everyone becomes depressed for a reason related to his / her personality type. We are constantly faced with situations that require the development of all our psychological functions, so that we can no longer be one-sided. We must be as introverted extrovert like to find a balance.
As you can see, the intention to treat depression by antidepressant drugs completely absurd. Without psychotherapy you will never understand what is causing you psychological problems and stop feeling depressed. Depression treatment subconscious during sleep is the only one who can give you a lot of explanations and buy generic Valium online.
Christine Young Sponias continued research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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